Jack’s Bank Holiday Fun

Jack's Bank Holiday Fun

Jack had a wonderful time exploring the beach at Lepe. He was delighted to find this oyster which he returned to the water after the photo shoot! Who else managed to get to the beach at the weekend?


7 responses to “Jack’s Bank Holiday Fun

  1. Wow what a huge oyster, I am going to keep my eyes open the next time we go to Lepe.

  2. What an amazing Oyster! Sam
    Have you ever tried eating oysters, Jack? They are delicious! Mrs Sledge

  3. No I haven’t Mrs Sledge….I don’t think I will like them…Jack

  4. Well done Jack and I am glad you returned him to his natural habitat after you got to know him. Mrs Davies

  5. How big was the oyster Jack? Harry from Foxes.

  6. What did it feel like? Was it heavy? Jamie in Foxes.

  7. Cool I want it

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