Phoebe’s Animal Antics

Phoebe's Animal Antics

Phoebe loved meeting the carers from the Soft Landing Animal Aid Association with their beautiful rescue owls. She loved holding them and hearing about how they were looked after. Phoebe also got to visit Colin the Bearded Dragon who will soon be coming to live with her. How exciting!


7 responses to “Phoebe’s Animal Antics

  1. I like the look of Colin, what an interesting pet. Is he easy to look after?

  2. It’s an unusual pet. Will you bring it into school one day, please? Hayden

  3. I would love to bring him in to school one day. I don’t know yet if he will be easy to look after! Phoebe, Foxes Class

  4. Colin looks great. I will show his photo to my dad when he comes to Sunday lunch, his name is Colin too! Mrs Davies

  5. Was the owl soft? Duru in Foxes

  6. Yes. The big one had a fluffy tummy and the little one is very light to hold and is soft. Phoebe in Foxes.

  7. James in Otters

    It looks really good it is nice

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