Foxes piggy banks


This morning the Foxes were learning all about the value of money . We played a game of money dominos and filled our piggy banks with different coins.

Teamwork in the Otters


We have been learning how to work as part of a team.  We had to help and encourage each other.

Fairy tale vehicle making.


The children have designed their Fairy Tale Vehicles and today they started to build them. First they had to construct the chassis ensuring they are strong enough to attach their axels and wheels. Their next step will be the building and painting of their vehicle body, so watch this space!

They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

Today the Year 1 Badgers got to see toys from the past. The Badgers were able to walk around the tables and investigate the toys, finding out what they are made from and whether we can still buy these toy today if so how different are they.



Estimating and Weighing


Today the Owls have been estimating the weights of various classroom objects. We then weighed our items to see how accurate our estimating was.

Otters vehicles.


We have been designing the chassis for our vehicles.  We had to make sure that it was strong to support the weight of the vehicle body and that it was fixed together securely.

Year One’s Fairy Tale Banquet