Stand Up To Cancer

Today, the children and staff all took part in Stand Up To Cancer on behalf of Cancer Research, UK. We had a non uniform day and learnt how important the money raised was going to be in providing medicines and treatments for people with cancer. The children made their own ribbons in support of those with cancer and get well soon cards. A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated as we raised £405.29! image.jpg


The Owls’ Ukulele Concert

The Year 2 Owls put on a wonderful ukulele concert to their special grown ups this afternoon. In only 4 weeks, with music tuition from Mrs Lane, the children have learnt how to play their instruments and learn several songs!

Well done for a super performance, Owls! image

Year 1 Learning Outcome



Today we we had a very exciting afternoon making bread! We have been learning about Harvest and know that bread is a symbol to Christians to show thanks to God. We made our own symbols out of bread showing something we are thankful for. Thank you to all the adults who helped us.

The Year 2 Owls Learning Outcome


This afternoon, the Year 2 Owls invited their adults to their first learning outcome. The Year 2 Owls were able to get their adults to help them create some amazing autumn art! They had a choice to make an autumn inspired collage, painting or a still life painting. To help them do their fantastic art work they needed to go outside and collect objects they could find on the floor in the year 2 area. As you can see the Year 2 Owls were able to create incredible art work!


Geography with the year 2 Owls

Today the year 2 Owls were using a compass and worked out which direction the features on our playground faced.


Sunday’s Fun Run

What an amazing morning! Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support!

Year 2 Leavers’ Assembly

Well done to all who took part in the wonderful celebration of learning today. We are so proud of each and every pupil and wish them all a fantastic holiday and much happiness and success ion the future. It was a delight to see so many family members come to enjoy the assembly, but for those who were not able to attend, we hope you enjoy these clips which give a taste of the morning.