Chick update! A week on…

… and we are all amazed by how much they are changing already. Mr Hodgson and Miss Hayes have been overseeing the six babies, and today gave them their first experience of running on grass in the sunshine.


Based on the painting ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh, the Badgers created their own sunflowers using clay . The children thoroughly enjoyed this art activity and I think you will agree – the sunflowers look amazing ! image

It’s Amazing

The Otters class had a lot of fun observing the chicks. We looked really carefully at how they move in order to survive. What words would you use to describe the chicks?


Famous People

Five famous people came to visit us today. We met Mary Anning, Howard Carter, Queen Victoria, John Logie Baird and Florence Nightingale. They each wanted to teach us all about why they are important people in history. Which famous person will you choose to learn about?


Rabbits hold the chicks!

Rabbits hold the chicks!

Today the day the chicks came to visit the Rabbits class. We were able to cuddle them gently.

Comic Relief

Cakes for Comic Relief


Wow! What a lot of baking! Well done to our super sisters for making so many cakes to sell at Beavers in aid of Comic Relief. Don’t they look delicious!

New Life at Hazel Wood!

Six chicks have hatched in the incubator. The children have been carefully and gently watching over them.